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Product Name:Ancient Wooden Marble Culture Stone Slate Tiles
Material Type:Ancient Wooden Marble Culture Stone Slate Tiles
Color:Grey, Black
Original:Xiamen, China
Size:Custom Cutting
Finished:Natural Surface Way
Package:Seaworthy Fumigated Wooden Crates Outside, White Plastic Foam Inside
Delivery:10-20 days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union
Description:Ancient Wooden Marble Culture Stone Slate Tiles Wholesale
Model:n Marble Culture Stone Slate Tiles 20180806001

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Ancient Wooden Marble Culture Stone  Slate Tiles 

Nature Slate was formed from clay on ancient sea beds by they metamorphism(rock structure changes due to heat or pressure) of shale and clay. 

When they consolidate during metamorphism,it’s referred to as foliation. This is a siliceous stone and highly resistant to the acids found in lemons,alcohol and cleaning products. 

These acids won’t etch or mar the surface of your natural stone. So this characteristic makes slate widely used in all area.

Slate is an extremely durable & unique natural stone products and comes in many colors,textures,shaped and sizes. It’s more elegant than artificial ceramics but costs less than average marble and granite, making slate tile as an ideal material for floor and wall covering.

Popular size: 300x300mm/400x400mm/300x600mm/400x600mm/600x600mm/400x800mm and other customized size.
Thickness: 8~12mm/10~15mm/15~20mm/25~30mm etc.
Textures: nature split,flamed,honed ect

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