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Product Name:Chinese Granite Spary White Tombstone Headstone

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Chinese Granite Spary White Tombstone Headstone 

Granite blends durability with affordability. It’s widely available and comes in several different colors. With granite, it’s easy to engrave custom designs, allowing you to personalize a headstone so it more accurately reflects your loved one’s personality. Granite headstones are placed in a sandblasting room for the final carving process. A worker uses high air pressure and special sand forced through a nozzle at the tip of the hose which then carves out the design and lettering. The area of the granite headstone covered by the stencil is well protected. Sandblasting is very much like erosion only at a very high rate of speed and in a controlled environment. After sandblasting, the carved areas are colored in black to provide contrast so the lettering and design will stand out. The person sandblasting the granite headstone will now put the finishing touches and prepare it for delivery

Granite Monuments. Granite is the most commonly used stone for creating memorials. It is impervious to cold, heat, staining or weathering so it retains its original beauty and withstands the test of time.

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