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Product Name:Red Granite Cube Stone On Sale Wholesale
Material Type:Red Granite Cube Stone On Sale Wholesale
Color:Red Granite Cube Stone
Original:Xiamen, China
Size:Custom Cutting
Finished:Flamed, Sawcutting
Package::Seaworthy Fumigated Wooden Crates Outside
Delivery:10-20 days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union
Description:Red Granite Cube Stone On Sale Wholesale
Model:Red Granite Cube Stone 180813003

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Red Granite Cube Stone On Sale Wholesale

Whether they are cobbles, cubes, cassies or setts, they are excellent paving products and will last for many, many years; 
in fact, some of the stones currently covering the streets of Britain have seen over 200 years of continual use.
The irregular nature of the surface can also make access difficult for hand-pushed garden tools such as non-pneumatic tyre wheelbarrows, and lawnmowers. 
Even relatively flat-topped setts can be difficult to traverse if the jointing is recessed, but the newer sawn setts have wonderfully smooth and level faces, 
and being laid butt-jointed as is concrete block paving, they present no hazard whatsoever, regardless of which footwear one is wearing.

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