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Product Name:Chinese White Wooden Marble Big Slabs Polished Good Price
Material Type:Chinese White Wooden Marble Big Slabs Polished Good Price
Color:White Color
Original:Xiamen, China
Size:Big Slabs 2400upx1200up, Tiles Custom Cutting
Finished:Polished, Honed
Package:Seaworthy Fumigated Wooden Crates Outside, White Plastic Foam Inside
Delivery:10-20 days
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union
Description:Chinese White Wooden Marble Big Slabs Polished Good Price
Model:White Wooden Marble Big Slabs 180821002

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Chinese White Wooden Marble Big Slabs Polished Good Price 

Marble is a unique natural stone created by limestone deposits. 
Re-crystallized through the action of heat and pressure, marble literally morphs into its unique patterns, colors, and swirls, with no two pieces ever identical
Marble is considered a luxury stone for many reasons, the primary three being its lack of abundance, 
beautiful patterns and its soft composition – which makes it more precious in terms of maintenance and preservation. 
Marble is a soft stone because it’s porous. This is one reason why it feels so velvety to the  touch. 
The subtle, gentle and feminine patterns found in marble have made it a favorite for bathroom installations as well as and kitchen countertops.

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